DIY Body Scrubs For Soft And Glowing Skin

Published on 05/20/2021

It is important to exfoliate ones skin from time to time, in order for it to regenerate and stay healthy. Body scrubs from the store are not only expensive, but often also contain a lot of chemical ingredients. Continue reading and find how to make the best DIY body scrubs according to every skin type and need.

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DIY Body Scrubs For Soft And Glowing Skin

Hamalaya Salt Body Scrub

The Himalaya salt is known for its skin benefits.The salt has antibacterial properties, which makes it great for fighting against acne, blackheads, eczema and other skin issues. Himalaya salt is also often used for baths, to target acne etc. everywhere on the body. Another great way to include himalaya salt in ones skincare routine, is in form of DIY scrub. All you need for it 1 cup of fine himalaya salt, 1/2 cup of olive oil and a fe drops of essential oils like lavender. Now just mix all the ingredients together and massage them onto your skin. After you massaged your skin, rinse throughly with water and moisturize in the end. This DIY scrub is not only better for your skin, but will also save you a lot of money!

Oatmeal Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

The next DIY scrub is perfect for skin renewal and to keep your skin firm and elastic. The ingredients used for this scrub are coconut oil, oatmeal and sugar. Coconut oil is known to has anti inflammatory properties, hence it helps to fight against bacteria that may cause acne and skin irritations.Oatmeal on the other hand takes excessive oil out of your skin, which also helps to prevent acne and treat it.It als serves as a natural cleanser and helps to moisturize dry skin. To mix the scrub, just put 3 teaspoons of olive oil in a bowl. Add a cup of oats and 1/2 a cup of raw sugar. Mix everything well and you are ready to use the scrub and give your skin a real energy kick!

Honey Avocado Scrub

Honey as well as Avocado are known to be magical when it comes to skin, hair and nails. Honey has ant-septic as well as anti-inflammatory properties and is great to target acne and heal it. Avocado on the other hand is full of healthy fats, which not only boost your collagen production, but also keep your skin healthy and moisturized. So what can be better than a DIY scrub put of this two power foods. All you need for the DIY scrub are 3 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of cornmeal and 1/2 smashed Avocado. Mix up everything and massage the scrub onto your skin. Rinse well with water and moisturize after, to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.

Matcha Green Tea Scrub

The DIY Matcha Green Tea scrub is another amazing body scrub, you can easily make yourself. Matcha is of the green tea family and is high in antioxidants, therefore it helps to protect your skin from bad environmental influences, UV damages etc. Green tea also helps to fight redness in your skin, a problem that many people are suffering from. All you need for this great and gentle DIY scrub are 1 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of matcha green powder and 2 teaspoons jojoba oil. Mix everything together and voila your body scrub is ready!