The 5 Best Exercises During The Period

Published on 03/13/2023

Which alternative sports are particularly suitable during the period? We’ve listed five workout ideas you can try during your period.

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The 5 Best Exercises During The Period

The Benefits Of Exercise During Menstruation

Scientific studies have shown that exercise during your period is good for reducing and counteracting symptoms. Research has shown that we are in a hormone-poor phase during menstruation, which raises our pain threshold and allows our body to recover faster. Experts believe that this “relaxed mode” represents a break from preparing for an eventual pregnancy. Whether that’s true or not, it’s well known that exercise can help relieve menstrual cramps, discomfort, and back pain. The side effects of our cycle have bothered us for thousands of years. Of course, our body doesn’t feel like running a marathon or shifting up a gear on the ergometer. Our body is very well able to exercise during this time. It is even recommended to do regular aerobic exercise to relieve the symptoms of the period. Studies show that gentle movement during menstruation can help reduce pressure in the pelvic region and increase the amount of endorphins in our bodies. This in turn helps us to relax and fight our fatigue, cramps—all without completely exhausting yourself.

Walk Or Light Jog

If the body refuses the 5 kilometer run, hiking and light jogging are great alternatives. The movement gets the heart rate up so we can still burn fat, increase energy levels, and tone our muscles without overdoing it.


Forget those tricky poses that demand everything from you. Include relaxed poses in your yoga routine during your menstrual period. Make sure to choose a few exercises that involve lying face down on the floor. This can help relieve cramps while gently massaging the lower abdomen.

Hula Hoop

Many know the hula hoop from their childhood. The toy is not just for children. By circling the hoop, we train our torso and strengthen our pelvis. In addition, this exercise burns up to 100 calories in ten minutes and it’s fun


Light Weight Training

Take advantage of your body’s low hormone production and train your muscles. Start with light weights and do a few short reps. Don’t forget to stretch and warm up beforehand and rest after your exercises.


Even if water and your period don’t necessarily go together at first glance: water aerobics are ideal for relaxing and stretching muscles. If you can make friends with the idea, then jump into the cool water.
What to pay attention to?

Drink a lot! Women lose fluids during their period, which can lead to dizziness, especially when getting up quickly or changing position when exercising. To keep exercise fun and beneficial, remember to stay hydrated. This can be an extra cup of tea or a bottle of water.

Get your circulation going. Cardiovascular exercise, which gets our heart rate up to at least 65 percent of our maximum, increases blood flow and relieves cramps—all without completely exhausting yourself.