The Best Man Cave Ideas That Still Look Stylish

Published on 05/01/2022

The term “man cave” was coined in the early 1990s by Joanne Lovering of the Toronto Star, who defined it as a “cave of isolation guarded against wife intrusion by frigid floors, musty odours, and a few strategically placed cobwebs.” “He will stay down there for hours cuddled in extremely macho publications and open crates of tools,” Lovering wrote. Thankfully, man caves have developed in tandem with gender norms since the 1990s. While visions of neon beer signs, gaming room accoutrements, enormous black leather recliners, and taxidermy deer heads may still come to mind when thinking of a man cave, the modern man cave does not have to fall into these traps.

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The Best Man Cave Ideas That Still Look Stylish


DIY Leather Slingback Chair

The DIY leather slingback chair is the ideal blend of refined and relaxing for a quiet reading area. Give an old beach chair a fresh lease on life for a classic look with a modern twist.

DIY Beer Caddy

Carry your cold ones in style with a rustic-styled DIY wooden beer caddy. This caddy is as simple to construct as it is pretty, requiring only seven items.

DIY Arrow Marquee Light

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a replica marquee light when you can create your own for a fraction of the price? With this handmade marquee light fashioned from plywood and a strand of globe lights, you can add a whimsical flare to your décor.

DIY Wooden Basketball Hoop

It doesn’t have to be ugly to have sports-themed décor. This adorable DIY wood pallet basketball hoop serves as both art and entertainment.

DIY Galvanized Steel Hooks

The industrial look isn’t going anywhere. Make your own galvanized steel wall hooks to join in on this timeless trend.

DIY Oversized Portraits

Who says large-scale art has to be prohibitively expensive? Use this simple instructions to hang your favorite prints, movie posters, or personal pictures on your walls.

DIY Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

Just because we said no beer signs doesn’t mean you can’t have any beverage-themed décor. This DIY Jack Daniels soap dispenser manages to be classy and environmentally friendly at the same time.

DIY Mobile Workbench

You might want to include a desk in your man cave because of all the DIYing you’ll be doing. Jen Woodhouse’s DIY workbench with drawers will help you stay organized with all of your endeavors.

DIY Comic Book Wall Art

A man cave often allows you to be a little more experimental with your art choices. Make your own wooden wall art to pay homage to your favorite comic books or movies.

DIY Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

Never again waste time looking for a bottle opener. This DIY bottle opener for the wall has a gorgeous copper finish and a handy pocket to catch your bottle tops.

DIY Subway Scroll Poster

All college sports fans are invited! Make a DIY subway-style scroll poster with your school’s battle motto, mascot, stadium name, and more to honor your favorite team.

DIY Cork Dart Board

With this dart board, you won’t have to worry about your bad aim. The cork backboard is a great way to preserve your walls while also adding style to your room.

DIY Kegerator

Nothing compares to a pint straight from the tap. This sophisticated DIY kegerator is ideal for dispensing cool, fresh draft beer in the privacy of your own man cave.

Gumball Machine

Add an old-school gumball machine to your man cave to reconnect with your inner child. You can use it as a coin bank or fill it with your favorite candy.

Sporty Bar Stools

These imitation leather stools will give your man cave bar a sporty sophistication. You and your visitors will be comfy for hours because to the ergonomic design.

Liquor Decanter

In your man cave, a traditional liquor decanter will boost the style bar. To create an eclectic style in your home bar, mix and match decanters.

Round Leather Strapped Mirror

A black leather strap hanger gives a traditional round mirror a modern, macho touch. Before you leave your man cave and return to the real world, take a look around.

Echo Dot Smart Speaker

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