5 Exercises That Make You More Awake Than Coffee

Published on 12/27/2022

Basically, any form of movement helps to reactivate the body. However, the following five exercises are characterized by their particularly rapid effectiveness. Decide for yourself which of the exercises best suits you and the situation in which you find yourself: If you have a slump in the afternoon in the office, a handstand may be less easy to implement than in the morning right after getting up,

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5 Exercises That Make You More Awake Than Coffee

Jumping Jacks

The good old jumping jack jump: Stand upright with both feet firmly on the floor. Now as you jump up, open your legs and pull your arms together over your head. With the next jump, bring your arms back down and close your legs again at the same time. You repeat the whole thing in dynamic alternation about 40 times.


After that you are definitely wide awake! Burpees are a mix of squats, push-ups, and straight jumps.
First you squat. Bring your hands to the floor and support them with tension in your arms as you hop your legs back into push-ups. Lower your body to the floor and back to the push-up starting position. From there, hop back into the squat and from this position do a straight jump up, stretching your arms overhead. Then everything from the beginning.

Little Yoga

The most suitable for the office among the exercises presented, which is carried out while sitting. Place your feet on the floor at right angles and keep your torso upright. Now bring your arms over your head so that your palms are touching as in Namaste. Be careful not to hunch your shoulders. Now turn your head to the left, taking your whole torso with you, and take a deep breath. Hold for a moment and then turn your head to the right with your upper body and exhale at the same time.
And again: breathe in to the left and breathe out to the right.

Mountain Climbers

Get into the plank position, leaning on your hands, which should be shoulder-width apart. Now keep your back straight while you alternately pull one knee and then the other knee as far as possible towards your chest and then back to the starting position, alternating as quickly as possible. Depending on your personal stamina, you start with 10-20 seconds and can then increase further.


A classic to get fresh and awake quickly. Through the change of perspective, the blood flow to the brain is suddenly better and your circulation gets going at the push of a button. To begin, find an empty wall or door to lean against.
Your arms should be perfectly straight in line with your shoulders (it also uses the least amount of strength) and your body should be tight to the max. If possible, try to stay upside down for at least 5 seconds before carefully bringing yourself back down to earth. One of the facts afterwards will definitely be that you will suddenly feel more awake.