Morning Routine With Children: How to Start The Day Stress-free

Published on 12/22/2022

The morning is the most important time of the day. The better we start the day, the more successfully we can master it. But in many families, all signs point to stress in the morning. Here are some useful tips for your morning routine with kids.

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Morning Routine With Children: How to Start The Day Stress-free

Delicious Breakfast For More Power

Some children are real breakfast grouches. Just try out what your child might like best in the morning. Maybe a muesli or fruit slides better than a sausage sandwich. If all else fails, see that they at least have a cup of milk, cocoa, or tea. Sweets are not a substitute for breakfast. Set a good example: join them at the breakfast table. If the parents drink a cup of coffee while standing, no child will feel like having breakfast.

Don’t Be Last Minute

Send your child out of the house early. It shouldn’t have to rush on the way to school. Haste makes you inattentive. If there is enough time, it will certainly come to school.

Prepare In Advance

Let your child prepare everything they need for the next morning the night before: they should pack their school bag, see if there is anything to sign, whether money is being collected and whether they should bring anything special. Especially sports equipment or painting and handicraft things are often forgotten because they are not used every day.

Get Dressed First

A simple, important tip: as long as your children are still making a mess while eating, let your child have breakfast in their pajamas and only change their clothes afterwards. This way you avoid having to change your clothes several times in the morning. As a parent, it makes sense for you to get dressed first, as soon as you get up. That way, this very important part of the morning routine is done before your child even gets up.

Take Quiet Minutes For Yourself

If you don’t have a moment in the morning to start the day in peace yourself, your nerves will quickly become frazzled when stress sets in and things don’t go smoothly. Therefore, make it a point to get up 15 minutes earlier so that you have time to have a coffee in peace, relax yourself and recharge your batteries before the hustle and bustle starts.

Get Your Child Used To The Morning Routine

If every morning is similar, it will become a habit not only for you but also for your child. This helps and simplifies the morning routine a lot. It can help young children if you show them the morning routine with pictures. Tip: Place the pictures on the kitchen table in the order that fits your routine. In addition, you need a character on a topic your child is interested in: a small horse, a fireman or something similar. Whenever a morning task such as getting dressed, brushing your teeth, having breakfast, etc. has been completed, your child may move his character one picture further. When all the tasks have been completed, the character has finished his journey and can accompany the child on the way to the kindergarten.