Fun & Creative Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Clean Up

Published on 09/15/2021

Cleaning up is never at the top of anyone’s list of fun things to do. However, it’s an important part of your child’s development which is why children should be encouraged to clean up from a young age. Understandably, cleaning or tidying up is not always interesting or fun for a toddler. For parents who may be struggling with this kind of issue, we’ve put together a shortlist of fun and creative ways to motivate your kids to help clean up around the house.

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Fun & Creative Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Clean Up

Play A Cute Cleanup Song

This cute trick works great with the little kids, however, you could try it with the older ones too. If you don’t happen to find one of the many clean-up songs that are available on YouTube, you can also pick one of your children’s favorite tracks. Then, begin to play the song and make sure your kids are dancing around. When the music stops, call out a number from 1-10. Kids will then pick up that number of items and tidy them away.  It’s a good idea for parents to get involved too as it encourages children to tidy up.

Create A Chore Checklist

If you’re lucky enough to not have to supervise your kids when they are cleaning the house, then this one will work out great. Simply make a chore checklist along with the names of your kids at the top of the board. Next, you can add the area of the house or a specific place they need to clean, such as the kitchen floor, playroom, or patio. Additionally, you can list the chores that need to be done. When the chores are over, let each child cross off what they have completed. This is usually the most fun part and you as the parent can check what has been done and what’s left to do.

Timed Challange

This works well whether you’re tidying one room or many. Give your kids a number (try to go for the higher ones, if they’re older, and lower numbers if younger), set the timer, and see who can tidy up that number of things quickest. For example, For one child, set them a timed challenge, e.g. Can you tidy 25 things in 3 minutes? Next time, set the bar higher: Can you tidy 30 things in 3 minutes? Or 25 things in 2 minutes 50 seconds? You can reward the winner with a variety of things.

Mystery Clean-Up

Generally speaking, kids of all ages absolutely love this method. Mainly because there is a prize involved at the end. Before beginning clean-up, look around the room and pick out an item that needs to be put away. Announce to the children that you have chosen a mystery item and that whoever puts it away will win a prize. When the room is cleaned up, announce the winner. Of course, this one works better for the smaller children.

Roll-A-Die Clean-Up

Experts highly recommend this next one. All you need is a messy room and a dice. Let each child roll the dice, then they will need to put the corresponding number of items away. E.g roll a 2, and each child puts 2 toys away. Continue until all toys are put away.