Parenting Hacks: 20 Items To Make Your Life Easier

Published on 02/09/2023

Although it might be one of the hardest jobs in the world, being a parent is one of the most rewarding.

Consequently, we came up with this list of 55 parenting tips to ensure your success in 2023. You’ll find something here to help make your life as a parent just a little bit simpler, from fast suggestions for entertaining your children to advice on how to handle stress and save time.

So let’s begin the process of becoming the best parents we can be!

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Parenting Hacks: 20 Items To Make Your Life Easier


The Rubber Band Method

1) Try the Rubber Band Method if you’re looking for a way to be patient and upbeat with your youngster. Put five rubber bands on one wrist, and if you get impatient, move one of the bands to the other wrist.

Do 5 kind/positive actions with your child, such as reading aloud, dancing, or singing a song, to “gain back” the band. By doing this, you can repair your bond with your child and encourage good habits until they become automatic responses. Try it out and see how it functions for you!

Parenting Hacks For When They Don’t Eat

2) More Modest Portions
Try serving your child lesser quantities in the future if they don’t complete their meal. This will lessen food waste and motivate people to eat what is offered without feeling sluggish.

3) Involve Them.
Include your children in the culinary process and enlist their assistance in meal preparation. They will be more motivated to try different meals and their palates will be expanded as a result of this concept.

4) Have Fun!
Give children enjoyable tasks to eat their food, such trying new flavors or eating different dishes from around the world, and present their meals in a unique way.

5. Give Them the Option
Give your children the freedom to choose what they want for the meal. They will feel more control over the process and be more likely to try new things as a result.

6) Show Patience
Never penalize your children for refusing to eat what you have prepared for them or force them to eat. By being compassionate and patient with your children, you can teach them healthy eating habits. When they do try new meals, encourage them by giving them praise.

Parenting Hacks For When They Don’t Sleep

7) Create A Bedtime Schedule
For your child, establish a regular nighttime routine that includes relaxing activities like reading, listening to music, or having a warm bath.

8) Limit Your Screen Time.
Limit your evening screen time and make sure all electronics are off at least an hour before bed.

9) Take Turns
So that you can get some much-needed rest, take turns managing nighttime wake-ups with your partner or another family member.

10) Induce Sleep
To help your child sleep better, make sure the bedroom is cold, dark, and cozy. To calm them down before bed, give them showers (but not with too many toys!)

11) Keep the Days Busy
Encourage your child to play actively throughout the day by taking them outside or getting them moving. They will fall asleep more quickly at night thanks to this.

Parenting Hacks For School Mornings

12) Get ready the evening before
To save time in the morning, prepare snacks and lunches for the following day, set out clothing, and pack backpacks the night before.

13) Rise Earlier
Establish an earlier wake-up time so that you can all get ready in plenty of time before the start of class.

14) Make a Wholesome Breakfast
Give your children a hearty, healthy breakfast that will give them the energy they need to go through the school day. You should also get them a juice box for the car.

15) Make it a Game
Make getting dressed and ready for school a game for your kids, or play music while they’re getting ready.

Parenting Hacks For Restaurants

17) Arrive Early
Arrive to the restaurant 15 to 20 minutes before your reservation time to settle in and reduce the likelihood that your kids may be agitated or boisterous while you eat.

18) Pack Activities
While you concentrate on enjoying a leisurely dinner, kids can be engaged with coloring books, crayons, small toys, or iPads.

19)Offer Incentives
Provide incentives or prizes for good behavior at the restaurant table, such as a tiny toy or treat.

20) Let Them Order
Allow your children to choose what they want to eat for supper if they are old enough to read menus. This concept will keep kids engaged during the meal.

21) Better Choices
To help your kids make better decisions when eating out, pick a restaurant that has a menu full of nutritious and kid-friendly options.