Adorable Ways To Tell Your Kids That You’re Pregnant

Published on 02/25/2021

Welcoming a new baby into the family is usually a big adjustment for everyone- especially for children who will be gaining another sibling. Sometimes parents feel that having a conversation to break the news is boring and somewhat difficult too. So, instead, why not make the big announcement special and exciting for them? Depending on the age of your kids, there are some fabulous ways to help you and your spouse with the great reveal. Take a look at these adorable ways to tell your kids that you are pregnant and the family is growing.

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Adorable Ways To Tell Your Kids That You’re Pregnant

Get Reading

Reading books is one of the best ways, no matter how simple it may seem to break the exciting news to your kids. Usually, this is more age-appropriate for kids aged 3 ½ and upwards. There are so many great storybooks available that can help tell your children that they are soon going to be a big brother or sister. Another wonderful idea is to buy a customized big brother/ big sister book and give the book as a wrapped present. The book will make your child feel like a huge star and that they have a very important job ahead of them as the older sibling.

Watch A Movie About Babies

We all know just how much young children love watching animated shows or movies. So why not use this as the perfect opportunity to make the big announcement? There are loads of different educational videos or fun movies that talk about babies. Take it from us – the kids will absolutely love it! Just make sure you are completely ready for all the questions that will come your way, and of course, make sure that it is completely age-appropriate!

Scavenger Hunt

This next super idea is best for kids who around 5 years and older – just not too old. Simply, make a fun scavenger hunt for them to do around the garden or house, leave either a clue or a small baby goodie along the way. Before they start, let them know that the biggest and most exciting surprise is waiting for them at the end. Once they get to the end, you can either present them with something baby-related or give them a special gift, here are some great examples.

  • An adorable letter or card from the baby,
  • A customized t-shirt that says big brother/ sister,
  • Cute, personalized cookies,
  • A puzzle

Show The Ultrasound

Some parents like to be a bit more “traditional” or keep things as simple as possible. This is why they may decide to show them a picture of the ultrasound, a few months into the pregnancy. However, for a lot of young children, this may be quite confusing as they can’t exactly make out what the ultrasound is. For the very young kids, you can play a game and let them try to guess what it is. Or, for the older children, you can use it as part of the big announcement. Either way, your kids will be thrilled!