How To ‘Stress-Free Parent’ In 2023

Published on 04/13/2023

A true parent is one who supports his children in overcoming personality flaws and instilling virtues. Nevertheless, modern parents believe that their sole responsibilities are to spend a lot of money on expensive food and clothing for their children as well as coaching sessions. They don’t realize that these things just make the kids want worldly pleasures. These joys feed their flaws. Parents must therefore consider if they are providing their children with a true education. Parents have a responsibility to assist their kids develop positive traits and live happy lives.

Good, happy parents have no trouble communicating with their child. Children find it difficult to talk to stressed-out parents. They do not feel like talking to these parents about their concerns, ideas, or problems. Therefore, it’s important for the parents to avoid stress. Check out the reasons you might be feeling stressed as a parent.

Children Dream

How To ‘Stress-Free Parent’ In 2023


Always living in the past

Parents who are constantly thinking about the past are unable to communicate with their children. Children are constantly joyful because they are able to forget the past and only focus on the present. We constantly think back on the events and situations from the past and continue to bear the weight of the unpleasant experiences we had in the past. As a result, we are unable to listen to and comprehend children when they try to communicate with us. We must therefore make an effort to always be in the present.

Negative talk & approach

Children are greatly upset by remarks like “You don’t know anything” and “You are useless.” While physical wounds can be repaired, mental wounds are more difficult to mend. Therefore, when speaking to youngsters, we should always be positive in our demeanor and in our discourse. We should talk in a way that inspires young people.

Not accepting our mistakes in front of children

Accepting our faults helps to relieve mental strain. Children regard us as adults. Children learn to accept their faults honestly because they mimic their parents. We become uptight when we try to cover up our errors. Children are aware of all our errors. They think, “My mother and father don’t accept their mistakes, so why should I?” when we don’t accept our mistakes. As a result, a small gulf forms between the kids and the parents.

Constantly trying to find faults with the children

We’ll always be uptight if we strive to discover things wrong with our kids. Instead, we ought to make an effort to identify and appreciate their positive traits. As a result, kids also become aware of and accept their personality flaws over time and work to overcome them. If we focus on our children’s strengths rather than their flaws, we will never tire of being happy.

Preserving one’s personal image while talking to children

Even when speaking to their children, many parents take care to uphold their reputation in terms of their social standing. If parents are self-conscious about their place in society, they will never be able to interact with their kids effectively. Parents are stressed out in this circumstance, and kids don’t care about them. Parents should act spontaneously around their kids, putting aside their careers and social standing. Only then will they be able to maintain their happiness and successfully raise their offspring.

Speaking authoritatively

When parents speak authoritatively to them, children dislike it. We should converse with them in a caring manner rather than in an authoritative manner. We don’t want to believe something that is being said in an authoritative manner. Therefore, we should keep in mind that speaking authoritatively causes stress, whereas speaking compassionately causes joy.

Forgetting that children too have Divine principle in them

We must always keep in mind that every child possesses the Divine Principle when speaking with them. When communicating to them, be mindful of the Divine Principle within them. Therefore, when speaking to children, try to avoid speaking to them as individuals and instead imagine that you are speaking to the Divine concept. You’ll feel happier and the stress will be reduced thanks to this.

Not explaining properly

Children must receive accurate explanations for everything. To get a child’s respect and attention when speaking to them, we must lower ourselves to their level. Therefore, if the child is in first grade, the parent should speak to him at that level. But because of their egos, parents are unwilling to speak to their kids on their level, and as a result, kids don’t appreciate or pay attention to them. Their minds become stressed as a result. Parents need to recognize that talking to kids on their level will help them feel less stressed.