The Best Tech Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Published on 02/28/2021

Are you a fitness junkie and a fan of technical gadgets, this article is the right one for you! In this article you will find out more about the most popular tech gadgets for fitness junkies.

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The Best Tech Gadgets For Fitness Lovers

Finis Neptune

Music is a great way to add motivation and power to your workouts! Now it is also possible, to enjoy your favorite tunes during your swimming sessions. All you need for it is a Finis Neptune. The Finis Neptune is a music device, that is connected to your swimming googles. The amazing device uses bone conduction audio, meaning it doesn’t have to be connected to the ears in forms of ear plugs. The device comes with a 4GB storage place and a battery which can let you listen to music for up to 8 hours. Get your swimsuit out, put your Finis Neptune in and the underwater party can start!

Tangran Smatrrope

Is it important for you to follow your workout routine and see your improvements? If the answer is yes, than you should get yourself a Tangran Smartrope. The Tangran Smaprtrope might look like a normal jumping rope, but it can do way more! It not only measures your daily activities, but also counts your jumps and the calories you have been burning. The intelligent jumping rope allows you to play all your workout information over to your smartphone and you can even compare your results with other Tangran Smartrope users.

LARQ Self Cleaning Bottle

The LARQ self-cleaning bottle not only looks super cute, but is also a very interesting device. The bottle, is a self-cleaning bottle and uses 280nm UV-C LED to clean itself and get rid of germs in the bottle, automatically every two hours. The extraordinary bottle comes with a rechargeable battery, that just has to be charged after a month of using the device constantly. The LARQ bottle will keep your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. The LARQ self-cleaning bottle, is the bottle of the future and perfect for health conscious people.

Sensori Smart Socks

The Sensori Smart Socks are a must-have tech gadget for all the running fans out there! The socks that are working through artificial intelligence. The socks have electrodes connected to them, therefore they can track your heart rate, give you detailed information about your foot landing and cadence and much more. You can connect the sock to an app, which will give you tips and tricks on how to improve your running workouts depending on the information the collected such as heart rate, speed, steps per minute etc.


A Kettle bell is a very popular workout tool and incorporated in a lot of different workouts. Usually every kettle bells are ranging from 5 to 20+ Kg, but KettllebellConnect offers you all the different weight options in just one device. The KettlebellConnect is wirelessly connected to a loading station on which you also can change the weight option with a single button. The special Kettbell offers 6 different weight options, which are ranging from 12-42 Ibs. You also have the option to connect the device to your IPhone, ;Apple Watch or Android to see your progress and monitor your workouts.