Popular Instagram Fitness Gurus Of 2021

Published on 04/28/2021

Sport is not only healthy for your body, but also great for a balanced mind and soul. If you are searching for some fitness inspiration and workouts that you can easily do from home, you should check out these amazing Instagram fitness gurus. They not only offer you great workouts, but will motivate you and keep you going every step of the way!

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Popular Instagram Fitness Gurus Of 2021

Kayla Itsiness

Kayla Itsiness is an Australian fitness guru and personal trainer and the author of books such as “Bikini Body Guides” and the maker of the app “Sweat with Kayla”. On her Instagram and YouTube page, Kayla offers free workouts, ranging from body weight workouts, over HIIT workouts to relaxing & stretching sequences. The famous trainer is part of a sport group called “SWEAT”, where she offers great personalized workouts with other amazing trainers such as Kesley Wells or Chontel Ducan by her side. The program is also available as an app, for you to train when you want and wherever you want. Besides great workouts, Kayla also wrote many cook books for easy, healthy and delicious recipes, that will keep you strong and going.

Massy Arias

Masy Arias is an influencer, a personal trainer and the CEO of her own brand “True Supplements”. The fitness Guru as her own Instagram page called “MA Wariors” as well as a YouTube channel, where you can join her on a free journey on getting stronger, fitter, healthier and leaner. Besides physical health, mental health is also of the highest priority for Masy Arias. She is not only offering her community great workouts, but amazing life tips as well. If you are brave enough and ready for a challenge, you should definitely try her workouts out. Be ready to get challenged and step over your boundaries!

Rachel Brathen

The next fitness guru comes from the yogi world. Rachel Brathen, which is known on Instagram under her name “Yogi_Girl” is with 2 million followers very successful on the platform. Besides her Instagram page, she also hosts her own podcast. Besides, great yoga workouts, Rachel Brathen also shares meditation tips, life advice, and inner healing practices. If you are searching for a great workout, that also helps you find your inner peace and to calm down, while activating you muscles you should definitely take a look at the international yoga teacher’s page.

Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons is an Instagram influencer and the maker of the fitness app “ALIVE”. The fitness star believes that a healthy body is not enough, but that a healthy mind is essential as well. She wants her users to feel alive. Whitney Simmons not only offers insights in her workout regime, gives great fitness and nutrition tips, but also helps to build you up with positive reinforcement. On her YouTube page, she also gives you insights in her personal life.

Krissy Cela

Krissy Cela is an English fitness influencer and maker of the app “Tone & Sculpt”. She has an Instagram account with over 2,4 million followers and is one of the most popular fitness influencers on social media. On her Instagram page, her YouTube channel and her app she does not only offer you great workouts, but also a nutrition plan and tips for meditation. If you are searching for a great workout and a supporting community, you should definitely check out her sites.