How To Find The Right Balance As A Working Mom

Published on 02/25/2021

Mastering everyday life as a mother and at the same time being fully engaged in professional life can be very exhausting. But with a little planning and help from other family members, mothers can simplify and distribute routine tasks, getting everyone in the family to help out on their own. This leads to less stress for everyone involved. Just try the following tips:

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How To Find The Right Balance As A Working Mom

Prepare Meals In Advance

If possible, plan only one bulk purchase per week. Get yourself a cookbook with simple recipes and when you cook something, double it up and freeze something. Salads also taste good the next day, so prepare a large portion right away. Freeze simple dishes like lasagna in portions so that you always have something in the house when you don’t feel like cooking. You can also make use of a delivery service on a hectic evening. If the children are old enough, they can take over the cooking on a fixed day of the week.

Schedule Time With Family

Try to have dinner with the family as often as possible. Once a week you can get together on the couch with the whole family for a movie night. At the weekend there is time to do something together, such as cheering on the youngest at a football game.

Arrange Rest Periods

Give all family members a short rest when they get home. When everyone has ten minutes to arrive, everyone can calmly gather and tackle what is next on the agenda and what needs to be done together with a new freshness.

Plan The Mornings

You start the morning more relaxed if you do some things the evening before: preparing breakfast cans for the children (or showing them how to do it themselves), arranging clothes, checking homework, packing school supplies, and checking the calendar to see what’s in the afternoon for the children is on the program. Also, teach your children to wash and dress independently in the morning. A morning to-do list for the offspring can help. List items such as brushing your teeth, making bed, getting dressed, having breakfast or whatever else you need to do.

Organize Working Hours

Don’t let the stress of work haunt your home. If you have to work overtime frequently, speak to your manager and coworkers so that you can get out of the office on time at least a few days a week. Make arrangements with your partner in the event that one of you unexpectedly has to work longer. In this way, it is clear to the family on which evenings only one parent is at home and on which days they have dinner together. So everyone can enjoy the time together even more.

Take Time For Yourself

Mothers tend to put themselves behind. But to recharge your batteries and find inner peace, you need time for yourself. So take time for yourself and your needs: do sports, visit a museum, meet friends for a coffee, read a good one Book or devote yourself to your hobby. Arrange with your partner that each of you has one evening a week to pursue your interests.