How To Be A Calm Parent

Published on 02/24/2021

We moms live in the eye of a hurricane. Children romp around us, mess, boiling pasta with tomato sauce, dirty laundry, and grains of sand. No wonder, then, when we are sometimes carried away by the vortex that rages around us, brings our organizational structure to a collapse and lets our stress level soar to unimaginable heights. In order to NOT freak out, strategies are needed. But it’s better to think about them before you drop so that you can use them in an acute case. Here are a few tips to keep calm.

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How To Be A Calm Parent

The Correct breathing

It sounds so banal, but it is extremely helpful! Psychologists recommend deep breathing as a first-aid against situations in which one is so annoyed that nothing works and one is on the verge of simply shouting. Specifically, it works like this: breath in consciously and deeply through your nose, hold your breath briefly and then slowly exhale (if you like, count up to ten). Why does that help? It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system – the part of the autonomic nervous system known as the “recovery nerve” because it helps you come down.

The Right Food

Snacking is not ideal for the figure, but better than yelling and losing your nerve, right? So, one of the following anti-stress foods should always be at hand: nuts (contain magnesium and vitamin B), peppers (with vitamin C, magnesium, and iron they are good stress killers), bananas (contain tryptophan, which is in The happiness hormone serotonin can be converted and magnesium, which is good for the nerves) and legumes (also in chip form….). By the way, dark chocolate also helps, after all, cocoa is famous for making you happy. But please do not eat in sight of the children, otherwise, the screaming will be great and the beautiful happiness hormones will be gone.

Enough Drinking

Do you want to save a few calories? A cup of tea or hot water will also help you relax. There is a study that says that holding a hot drink in your hands automatically makes you calmer. Lemon balm, lavender, hops, and passionflower are perfect anti-stress teas. Not only do the warm hands work, but also the essential oils. Take a deep breath and relax!

The Right Perspective

What would the super nanny do? Or also: What would my neighbor do? When I think back to this situation tomorrow, what will I consider the appropriate response? In stressful situations, one often does not see the forest for the trees, overreacts or reacts incorrectly, and, in retrospect, has a guilty conscience. Happened to many and often, but by thinking about it for a moment, you sometimes manage to be a little more objective.

Respect Yourself

Now comes the tip with the much-touted regular time-outs – you know it! Those who take care of themselves, allow themselves time off and do what they love, ensure that they react more calmly, even in acutely stressful situations. If only it would be so easy in everyday life!