How To Create A Stress-Free Morning Routine For You And Your Child

Published on 06/20/2021

Morning is the most important time of the day. The better we start the day, the more successfully we can master it. But in many families, all signs point to stress in the morning. Here are a few tips on how parents can avoid stress in the morning and guarantee a good start to the day, both for themselves and their children.

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How To Create A Stress-Free Morning Routine For You And Your Child


In order to make the start of school stress-free, you should practice a new daily routine a few weeks in advance so that you and your child do not experience the change from kindergarten to school too dramatically.

Structured Agreements

Plan the schedule for the morning to avoid stress. Discuss with your partner or any older children who get up and when, when to go to the bathroom and when to have breakfast.

Prepare Cloths The Evening Before

This, too, is a point that can also be helpful for adults. If the clothes are already ready, it may well be that they are put on without discussion.

Own Alarm For Kids

If there is already a jingling next to the cot BEFORE we parents chirp into the room, WE are no longer the bad guys, but the alarm clock. In addition, when the alarm goes off, the first step is already done while we are perhaps still in the shower. Or practice yoga in the garden. Or still jog. Or meditate over a cup of green tea and train our mindfulness. All beautiful things.

Tempt With Delicious Breakfast

Everyone has different preferences. And as parents, we are familiar with it. Some children are downright grumpy at breakfast. Just try out what your child might like best in the morning. Maybe a muesli or fruit slips better than a sausage sandwich. If nothing works, make sure they have at least a cup of milk, cocoa or tea. Sweets are not a substitute for breakfast. So if you prepare your child’s favorite breakfast, the chance is definitely high that your child will feel more motivated to get out of bed faster.

Getting Up Earlier Saves Stress In The morning

Go to bed early enough and get up a little earlier so that you are well-rested, organized and in a good mood in the morning. Of course, there are days when you still have to find something new, the child is completely dissatisfied with every outfit choice or changes umpteen times, but when you consider how many days you have already saved time with it, you can put it away.

Rituals Make A Lot Of Things Easier

Bring your child to bed at a fixed time and factor in rituals such as reading or singing. If your child has to get up at seven, they should be in bed by eight. Because only when they get enough sleep will they be fit for school in the morning.