Morning Sport: Reasons To Exercise Before Work

Published on 07/19/2021

More sport- the classic among the New Year’s resolutions, was also on your list at the turn of the year? Well then, what are you waiting for: The time for excuses is over. We give you 5 reasons why you should do your sports exercise in the morning. Because: There are really good reasons for a daily morning exercise – not only for early risers.

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Morning Sport: Reasons To Exercise Before Work

Your Motivational Kick Of The Day

Aren’t you one of those people who find it very easy to get up early? Then you can be doubly proud of yourself if you succeed in your morning exercise! Morning exercise is the perfect motivational kick for the day: You have already achieved something and done something for your health. That pushes your self-esteem tremendously and gives you a perfect start.

Lots Of Space In The Studio

Those who train in the gym in the morning will appreciate the early time of the day. While studios have to struggle with full rooms, occupied devices, and bad air from 4 p.m., you benefit from a very pleasant environment there in the morning: There is a lot of space, everything is still clean and freshly cleaned, the indoor climate is pleasant, and it prevails no scramble for treadmills and the like. So you can exercise in peace. Early in the morning is the best time to exercise undisturbed in the gym.

Climate Advantage In The Morning

For all fans of the jogging group, the morning run has a big advantage, especially in summer: You do sports when the temperatures are still reasonably bearable. In the midsummer months, jogging is sometimes only possible in the very early hours of the morning or only after 10 p.m., as otherwise, it is simply too hot. If you generally quickly struggle with circulatory problems due to heat, you should definitely switch to morning exercise for health reasons.

Excuses Were Yesterday

“Oh, I would have loved to have gone to training tonight, but unfortunately a business appointment got in the way …” Does that sound familiar to you? In the evening, you have to cancel the training more often due to competitive events – regardless of whether these come in as a welcome excuse or whether they are simply and truly a duty. However, if you make a unit of physical activity your regular morning ritual, you don’t run the risk of having to cancel the sport as often. This is a big advantage compared to evening sports units: In the morning, another appointment almost never gets in the way. Because who wants to go to a company event with you at 6:30 a.m. or have a few cocktails?

Power For The Head

After training, you are really awake, which means that you can start working much more productively. Your ability to concentrate also benefits from it. Try it out, you will notice: morning exercise awakens body and mind. If your first act in the office used to be going to the coffee machine, you can boldly get to work right after a morning exercise without an additional dose of caffeine.