6 Reasons Why You Should Use Your Bike More Often

Published on 10/20/2021

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the most important advantages of cycling – and at the same time introduce you to the most thrilling reasons to get back on your bike more often. Here we go!

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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Your Bike More Often

Environmentally Friendly

At the latest in times of climate change, one of the greatest environmental problems of our time, the sustainability of cycling becomes a great trump card. The bicycle only causes CO2 emissions during manufacture – perhaps you can also add the calories from the food that we eat and burn while pedaling. But in the end cycling itself does not emit any greenhouse gases and in this way brings us from A to B in a climate-friendly way, without causing harmful emissions. Bicycles are the key to sustainable mobility in the future.

Riding A Bicycle Is Healthy

In addition to the peace and quiet of cycling, it also supports our health in many other ways. Anyone who is out in nature by bike can fill up with fresh air. You boost your fat metabolism and burn a lot of calories. In addition, your own coordination improves and your heart and circulation get going. Cycling relieves stress and releases happiness hormones. This also allows us to sleep better in the evening. Yes, in principle, cycling is meditation in motion. Almost like a short vacation.

A Bike Is Affordable

You can get a used bike for 100 Dollars or an electric bike for 2000 Dollars. Ultimately, everyone has to weigh that up according to their financial scope and personal wishes. But compared to the car, the bike is cheap in any case. Both in terms of acquisition and use. If you ride your bike more often, you can definitely save money in the long term – no ticket prices, no fuel costs – and the repairs are also significantly cheaper compared to a car.

You Are Faster

Of course, it depends on the country here as well. In your country, you may reach your destination faster by car. But in the narrow cities you can simply drive past the stop-and-go traffic and quickly take a shortcut. You don’t have to refuel or wait for the next train. The latter can even fail and take a lot of time. The bike can especially play out this advantage in the dense cities.

Makes You More Flexible

Logical, right? With the bike, you are not dependent of the bus or train. And if you want, you can even use public transport in combination with your bike. For example, you can ride all the way to the train with your bicycle. Either way – in the end you can react faster if you change your plan or if you have forgotten something and don’t have to get a new train ticket or drive back through the stowed city. You are absolutely free on your bike.

How Often Should You Use Your Bike?

Cycling is healthy – you know that by now at the latest. You are probably totally motivated to get on your bike right away? And at the same time you are wondering how often a week you should actually ride your bike? It would be best if you covered all your journeys by bike instead of by car. For example, if you only drive 20 minutes to work every day and drive home for 20 minutes in the evening, then you have already completed three hours and 20 minutes of endurance training in five days and thus strengthen your cardiovascular system.