How To Make Physical Exercise Your New Best Friend

Published on 04/26/2022

Physical exercise has many benefits: it toughens the body, lifts spirits, and even increases creativity. But actually starting the sport and making it a habit is not that easy. We have summarized 7 tips for you on how to overcome your “inner reluctant to exercise” and make physical Exercise your new best friend.

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How To Make Physical Exercise Your New Best Friend

Find A Sport That You Enjoy

Does the thought of slipping into your running shoes give you pure anticipation? Can’t wait to unroll your yoga mat? Or do you only feel really alive when you give it your all in HIIT training? There are sports that are fun – and for which you like to free up time in your busy schedule. Whether yoga, football, tennis, cycling, Tae Bo, hiking or dancing: try it out! A tip for everyone who is undecided: Our ​“Find your Style” program​ introduces you to great sports on ​​ over four weeks, all of which have the potential to balance your everyday life.

The Right Training Time

With the right training time for you, it will be easier for you to stick with it. Not just the question “early riser or night owl?” plays a role here. What is your family and work routine like? And is your favorite sport tied to a fixed time (e.g. opening times for swimming pools or gyms)? Scan your personal preferences and consider what your week usually looks like. In this way, your training will find a permanent place in your everyday life in the future.

Mark Your Calendar

Once you have found your ideal training time, make it “official”! Plan your training firmly and treat it like an appointment that can only be postponed (not canceled ;)) in absolutely exceptional situations. It’s not always easy because…

A Date With Yourself

Sports appointments are usually one of the endangered appointment types of every stressful everyday life. If something comes up, it is usually the planned sport that is canceled. We should treat our time for exercise like a date with ourselves, which we prioritize without a guilty conscience.

A Date With Your Best Friend

Doing sports together is fun, connects and is more binding. Whether regular joint yoga sessions in the living room or bike tours in nature. Ask around in your circle of friends, you’re bound to find a “partner in crime”.

Look Forward To The Good Feeling After Training

We all know how good we feel after a workout. Here, it doesn’t matter whether we are relaxed from Tai Chi or exhausted from the HIIT workout. Remember that good feeling on days when you’re having a hard time pushing yourself to exercise.

Don’t Put Yourself Under Pressure

It doesn’t always have to be from 0 to 100 – on the contrary. After all, you want to create a balance with sport and not integrate an additional stress factor into your life. If you overwhelm yourself, the chance that you will eventually give up in frustration increases. Start slow and build up if you want more. Listen to your body’s needs and be honest with yourself. A walk instead of jogging might be a better choice on some days.